1 de ago de 2013

Hell of a life

When you meet different people you kind of practice that old advice from your parents "be patient". Despite the fact that our parents were never that patient with us during our youth, you keep in mind that is really easier to be patient with strangers than with your own blood.

I know it has nothing to do with the text, but I just love this meme

I've met loads of people who prefer to be the center of attention and it demands a lot of patience from me. Specially when 80% of the people you know need to be the center of attention, whether they want to express their points of view so vehemently that they become even repetitive either to cure a problem of self-esteem that seems to have no end, but it is never admitted.

I am used to be the person that gives attention and not one who demands it. Sometimes it sucks because I feel like a co-star, a supporting-role. I have my own problems but I really don't want to make myself up over a person, I think sharing is caring, but egocentrism is making people boring, full of empty discourses and building stages for foolish plays about people that think they are not important but act like they own the world.

It makes me really tired of meeting people, even though I love to be around people. But the conversations are always like "me, myself and I" and, sincerely, I don't care about your fucking 'awesome full of stories that no one cares about' life. I care when you care about me. Enough of confessional.

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